May 5, 2010

AuntTeague Originals

So, here are some of the things that I have painted, there are a few more, and I am always wanting to do more so I will post more when I get more pictures:
I have no name for these, but it looks like it is raining. I was trying to try what David Bromstad does, sooooo I know that it doesn't anything like what he would do, but hey I said I was trying! The good news is that I sold the second one!!!! Yay Me!!!Here are the two paintings I did in Jojo's room. She has a Parisan Theme in black, white, and hot pink. I bought a quilt with purple in it, so I had to incorporate that in the painting.Now here are the paintings that I did for Mr. Logan. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine. The paintings are 12x12 inches and are on a flat panel canvas. He loves them, His mom loves them,,,,, I love them. I was queit impressed with myself when I finished.

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  1. Yea!! Logan loves these!!


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