May 20, 2010

All I seem to do is Paint!!!

As a lot of you all know, Glen and I built the kiddos a play scape last year for their birthday. Well, much like the beautiful color of the fence, the color of the yellow wood faded and became old looking after just one year. SO we bought the cheapest stain at Home Depot (the family's favorite store) and I set to work (after a month or two of the stain sitting in the garage). And here is the finished product!!! I think it make it look brand new, and more like one of the "out of the box" plays capes.
We still need a roof over the top. But finished for now.
Now what to do about that fence?

No Sew Bags? Naaaaaa!!!!

So here I am (a long time ago, like a year and a half) watching Martha Stewart, and she has this guest showing her how to do these no sew bags. She is using fabric (of course), staples and duct tape. How great, I was super excited to make them for my mother and mother-in-law for mother's day. So I found this great fabric at JoAnns, and this really cute polka-dot duct tape to make the bags with. I follow the directions......The duct tape wouldn't hold on to the fabric, so I ripped the bag apart and followed the general instructions and sewed the whole thing. They came out great! I loved them so much I made one for myself.I got tired of using my beloved Vera Bradely bags to take my ugly green grocery bags to the store in, so I made my beautiful "no-sew" bag (ha) my new cover bag. It works quite well, I put a really heavy thermos in there and the bag did an excellent job. Now, I already have one order, but if you would like one, I have enough materail to make 5 more. They are only $15 dollars, and I will even put your intials on it too!!!
How great is it to be stylish while at the grocery store?!?!

May 16, 2010

Beth's Birthday Pillow

Here is Beth's 21 Birthday Present!!!
I know that it doesn't match anything in her house, but I made it and thought of her. I was fooling around on my favorite blog one day and there was a sidebar add for another person's blog which I can't find now.... bummer, but I will give credit where it is due, and its not mine.
I made the pillow a month ago, and it has been killing me to show it off.
Here is a close-up of the flowers Here is the birthday girl!!! I hope it was a fantasic 21st, and there are many fond memories from the party.

May 15, 2010

New Shirt For The Jo

I again am so excited to have completed this project. The monograming isn't perfect, but you really can't tell on a child's shirt. She loves it so much, basically because it is pink, but she always loves it when mommy makes something just for her.She loved her new shirt so much she even let me play with her hair (a rare occurance). I know the braids aren't the best, but they are my first on another person, and her hair is soooo curly and fine. (We are going to Aunt Bethy's birthday party today, so I can't wait to get home and post what I made for her!!! It really is great!!!)

May 11, 2010

Alterations to our home

So, yall know that Glen and I never sit still at our house, we have so many ideas (just not so much money to do it with) HOWEVER, we love making changes to to house, so here are a few we accomplished last month:
New Front Door:
(the other looked like an apartment door with NO PEEPHOLE!!, I could never tell who was at the door, very dangerous, I can't believe the builder put that in!!)
Anywho.... the door now it painted black and has the proper hardware. It really makes the entrance now,,, very bright!!! Painted the Masterbedroom:
I have been wanting to paint for a while, and couldn't decide what color, and then I thought, why just one!!!!!!
So here is the main color that all but one wall is:

Glen was a little nervous when he came home and 3 squares were painted, but after I finished he totally loved it!!!! I am really happy with it!
Josie's Glamor Chandaler: I was in love with this on ETSY and had to get it for my Parisan Princess. It was a little bit of work to get to stick on her wall but worth it in the end.

(I made her headboard, and those two pillows on the bed,I will get better pictures later)

May 5, 2010

AuntTeague Originals

So, here are some of the things that I have painted, there are a few more, and I am always wanting to do more so I will post more when I get more pictures:
I have no name for these, but it looks like it is raining. I was trying to try what David Bromstad does, sooooo I know that it doesn't anything like what he would do, but hey I said I was trying! The good news is that I sold the second one!!!! Yay Me!!!Here are the two paintings I did in Jojo's room. She has a Parisan Theme in black, white, and hot pink. I bought a quilt with purple in it, so I had to incorporate that in the painting.Now here are the paintings that I did for Mr. Logan. He loves Thomas the Tank Engine. The paintings are 12x12 inches and are on a flat panel canvas. He loves them, His mom loves them,,,,, I love them. I was queit impressed with myself when I finished.

Diaper Wreaths

These are Diaper Wreath. I just got tired of the same old Diaper Cakes at every baby shower, so here is an alternative:
I made this for Melissa's baby shower:
I made this one for Glen's Boss's new son:UPDATE: (7/15/12)
I just made a new Diaper Wreath!
 And seeing that I get so many hits off this one post,
 I will be posting a tutorial soon