July 30, 2010

Earring Holder

About 2 months ago, my sister in law asked for me to make her something to hang her long dangle down earrings on.  I came up with an idea right away, however I was waiting to find the perfect frame, ( the right amont of antique, with the right amount of modern, the right size, and of course for the right price.)

Well after feeling bad about draging this project out, I finally found a frame and fitted it to my liking.

I painted it and ruffed it up myself.  The flowers are ADORABLE, (I hope not too cute for a 22 year old) and homemade by ME!!
I love it, and I hope she does!!!

July 9, 2010

Quatrefoil Project

So I had this great idea,
however things didn't turn out as great as her examples
I 've been wanting to do the kiddo's silouttes for a while now, and had some old canvas that needed to be covered up,
soooo this was what I came up with:
However, the Heads are too small and there is too much blank space
(Is this my overjudgemental opinion?)
I can't ask Glen, cuz he kinda snorts/giggles and walks quickly away.

Is the writting at the top too much?
should I add a pink bow to Jojo's hair?
What should I add to the bottom?
Should I start over with larger heads?
(thats the hard part, I can't figure how to make them larger)

July 1, 2010

Dad's Gifts

So I know it is no where near my Dad's Birthday (March 21st), or Father's Day (June 20th), I have not published the gifts I made for my dad on his days.
This is my first Digitization of a graphic, and monogramming on a shirt. It looked ok ( I called it a Kinder gardener's attempt)
Unfortunately, the shirt was too small for my dad Now here is my father's day gift, I found a new program, and the shirt fits this time
It is wet because I was taking the stabilizer off

I think I can say I am dad's favorite daughter!
He really loved them!

Kitchen Revamp

So this is another idea from Tatertots and Jello... and while their subway sign looked completely different, and had valentine stuff written all over it, I have to say this wasn't completely my idea.
You can find these kind of subway signs in movies like 'Monster-in-law' and 'Chuck and Larry'
Mine isn't for street names, its for some of the many places Glen and I would like to one day visit
(I know that New Zealand is spelled wrong,,, it was a long day)Glen hung and connected pendent lights. While I am not completely in love with the glass shades, we could not find anything better.
Oh, and did you notice my RED KITCHEN!?!?!
I think it is AWESOME!Lastly, this in not going in my kitchen, but I got this 4'X5' canvas (yeah, that is 4 feet by 5 feet) for 40 dollars and the local Goodwill.
I am going to paint over this eighties nightmare, and you will see what I do with it then!