June 19, 2010

It's Birthday Time in the Teague Household

Josie and Isaac's birthdays are 9 days apart (Jos-June12, Ikes-June20)
Isaac is turning 5 this year ( I cryed all last night, I can't believe he is so big)
Josie just turned 3
So we had our friends over (minus Logan, because he is moving :( ) for a little birthday playdate. Isaac requested a dragon cake (I made it for his 3rd birthday also). This time he requested red, however, I put as much red food coloring in the frosting as I had, but it kinda is a coral color.
Isaac and Josie helped with the fruit-ka-bobs. They were yummy! Last year I gave the Door Danglers as Party Favors. This year, I made hooded towels for the munchkins. They were really easy!
And here is a picture of the "party"
Hurray for blowup pools, and slip-n-slides!!!!

June 2, 2010


It is amazing what posting a picture on a blog will do for my husband's motivation!
(In case you can't see the difference, Glen finished the roof)I had to buy more stain to finish the roof, so I went ahead and stained the picnic table Glen is now working on finishing the grill area.
I don't know if it was my influence or the fact that his birthday party of coming up.
It is looking really great!

Josie's PillowCase Dress

Here is my first article of clothing that I made from fabric to finish! I know in the sewing community a PillowCase Dress is nothing to brag about, b/c it is supposed to be so simple, but it took a little skill.
It is easy to see here how it gets the name PillowCase Dress:Josie hasn't quite got the hang of being mommy's model
She was being shy, I guessPractice makes perfect, and the next time I make one, I have ideas so I won't spent so much time on certian areas.