September 1, 2015

Gifts For Cousins

Glen's Sister finally had Baby Davis last week
I made her something to put him in once he gets home
 Its had to believe that Kylie is already 3.  
I embroidered a shirt for her to go with an outfit.  
I hope she gets some wear out of it.

July 16, 2015

Beach Inspired Wreath

Glen's Aunt Marilyn ordered this one.
Love how it turned out.
There are Sea Urchins, Star Fish, Sand Dollars on it.
The Sea Urchins were very fragile,
  so I put an expanding "window sealing" foam to help stabilize it


May 4, 2015

Coffee Filter Wreaths

I've made several coffee filter wreaths over the last few months.
They come out really pretty, and I just enjoy making them
Here are the pics of what I've done so far...
cuz y'all know how I am, I will make more

Santa's Belt:
I dyed the coffee filters with a red liquid fabric dye, used ribbon and glittered scrapbook paper for the buckle
(I ended up donating this one to the elementary school for a raffle)

I pretty much did the same as on the Santa's Belt one, just added a cute little hat I fastened out of black craft foam.  I actually used glitter foam for the belt buckle instead of the scrapbook paper I used on the first.

Tan/Natural Dye:
I bought the coffee filters with this color already and attached them to the wreath.  I might add something to it but for now this is how it looks.

These coffee filters, I just left plain and attached them to the wreath, and added some rickrack for the laces

April 30, 2015

Glen's Barn Doors

If you know me and Glen personally, 
You know that we have been kinda busy building our empire
The last year we have build 2 custom homes.
We like to put something unexpected and personal to the new home owner.
In this last house, we built BARN DOORS!!!!  
The photos are kinda bad, I took them with my phone
(I've been hinting for a new one!)
 I absolutely loved this project from the start to finish!
 We got so excited the night they were hung, that we went ahead and stained one of them!
 And here they are in all their glory!
 I can't wait to build some for our future house!
One day......

If you want to see pictures of our houses: