July 30, 2012

What I've been up to this summer

So I made this dress not to long ago,
my SIL loved it,
(geez thats a goofy face I'm making!)
 So I made her and another SIL this one for their birthdays
(One is extremely late, and the other is extremely early!)
since its what I do,
(which is obsess over something new that I can do)
I, of course, had to make another for The Jo
 I helped my friend Ashley make this cool holder for her ribbon.
It is one 10' section of plastic gutter, cut into 3' sections
I love it and will be doing it in my own laundry room
 I've been pretty busy this summer making Subway signs
here is a new one: Dallas
(Making a Fort Worth one now)
 Of course we have been messing around,
Here is Joise modeling,
its her favorite thing to do when we are in a store
 Spending time with our cousins!
They are finally back in Texas from living in Italy
 They are the cutest!
Josie and Ike love spending time with them
 We celebrated Jo's Birthday
 Went to her first Recital
 She's getting so big!
 Went to see the Space Shuttle!
 Spent a lot of time Cheering on Ike on the Hutto AllStar Team
 and had our first sleepover!
Its been a busy summer so far

July 15, 2012

Diaper Wreath

Here is the Diaper Wreath I made for my SIL's Ba-BEE shower
Its larger than the ones I've made before
I used a wire frame instead of the Styrofoam form I used on the other ones
 The theme for the shower is Bee
We are having Bar-BEE-Q!
Cute! Huh?
And here are my adorable nephews!
I'm so happy that they are back in Texas for good!
They truely are the cutest 2 year olds ever!