November 24, 2011

Another Ashley Order

So between the Sami Shows I have had a few orders to fill from Miss Ashely
Here is what they consisted of:
Monogrammed Onesie with
a ruffled bum
Pink onesie with a heel on it 
 (bad pic, I know) Black onesie with crown and bow
Pink Cheetah Onesie with Monogram and Ruffled Bum 
Hot Pink Onesie with name Monogrammed 
 Cute little Gator
 Here is the set
 Crossing Guitars with Initials
 (Ashley didn't order this one, but I thought it came out cute)
UT Burper with name
ADPI Burper
(Diamonds are a girl's best friend) 
 (Another ETSY order)
UT Tie on shirt with initials on sleeve
 (ETSY order)
Damask Letters

UT Girls Necklace Onesie

Just made this for a special order
I think it is so cute, 
I will definalty be making some for my next show,
 and in Aggie colors!

Aggie and Longhorn Kid Divided Tie Onesie

A new item added to my inventory:
Texas A&M and UT Divided Tie

October 25, 2011

My First Sami Show

I made a great friend while Ike was in Kindergarten
Her name is Ashley
We have a lot of similar interests,
granted she is better at a lot of the interests than I am,
 but we share, and teach each other
Ashley signed up to do the Sami Show at the Dell Diamond for this past weekend
and she invited me to join her
Here we are in front of our booth
And here is our booth! 
 Ashley made really cute ToothFairy Pillows, Ghost Lollipop Covers, Felt Barrettes, Felt Bow Holders, Monster Coin Holders, Applique Shirts and Portable Lovey/Taggie Blankets
She did well,
I did.... ok,
I would have loved to have done better,
but I cleared my cost of the show,
so I'm happy to at least have paid for that
 This is my sign,
that I made out of,what else???,
 a cabinet door! 
 I think it came out really nice
 These are what I sold,
Felt Flower Dahlia $16 (really large)
 Small Felt Flowers $10
They were all backed with Snap holders
 Ribbon Flowers $5
Backed with Snap Holders
Wooden Letter HairBow Hangers $20 
I made the 18 Letters in different Themes and Colors 
 I had 9 letters of a "Skinny" Font and 9 of a "Fat" Font
I sold none of my stock, but had 4 orders for Customized Letters
so if you see one you want, let me know I'll ship it today! 
Each ribbon had a matching jewel at the end to weigh the ribbon down

We have decided to do the November Show (19-20),
 we will be in the same booth space! 
So come and see us if you live around Round Rock area

September 4, 2011

Wooden Name Signs

Been busy this last week
using my jigsaw!!! 
All Signs are about 13"x36"
 These are wooden name signs
made from MDF
and a lot of sweat!
and Madilynn
I'm happy those are checked off my list!
they took a while, but to be honest,
I learned a lot while doing them,
and that is worth all the time they took.
Prices of Signs start at $65
Shipping will be $12.50 each 
UPDATE: (6/18/14)
New Sign made
Size- 14"x32"

September 2, 2011

Texas A&M Minky Blanket

Aunt Coco's sister,
Stephanie and her husband Jeff,
 welcomed a new baby boy this past month,
I had been meaning to make them a Texas AandM Minky Blanket for some time now,
but finally got to it this last week. 
I was so impressed with myself when I made Josie's replacement
I had to duplicate my awesome Minky making skills for baby Bennett 
I wish I could make this when Ike was a baby
it seriously looks like something he would have loved
(ok, maybe me more than him!) 
I had another order for the Earring Holder,
I am always astonished when someone orders one 
Astonished because, I came up with the idea, and design on my own
(not that it hasn't been done before,
 but that I didn't look at someone else's and say, "hey I can make that!")
And that makes it truly a AuntTeague Original

August 20, 2011

August Fun Time

August is a fun month for me,
 mainly because of my birthday,
but it also contains my and Glen's anniversary,
this year was our 5th year to be married 
This year we took Ike and Jo with us to celebrate at Nolan Ryan's HomeField Grill
The next weekend we went camping,
It was HOT!
But we went to Canyon Lake so we could cool off in the water
Our nephews came with Meme and Pawpaw in Winnie
For my gift to Glen for our anniversary,
I made him a wooden "Huskers" sign for his office
I received a SilhoueteSD for my birthday,
so I thought it only right that he got the first use out of it
I cut FreezerPaper with it to make him a shirt
I think it came out great
School starts on Monday,
so we went shoe shopping
Ike insisted on TOMS,
 so Jo wanted some too.

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