May 4, 2015

Coffee Filter Wreaths

I've made several coffee filter wreaths over the last few months.
They come out really pretty, and I just enjoy making them
Here are the pics of what I've done so far...
cuz y'all know how I am, I will make more

Santa's Belt:
I dyed the coffee filters with a red liquid fabric dye, used ribbon and glittered scrapbook paper for the buckle
(I ended up donating this one to the elementary school for a raffle)

I pretty much did the same as on the Santa's Belt one, just added a cute little hat I fastened out of black craft foam.  I actually used glitter foam for the belt buckle instead of the scrapbook paper I used on the first.

Tan/Natural Dye:
I bought the coffee filters with this color already and attached them to the wreath.  I might add something to it but for now this is how it looks.

These coffee filters, I just left plain and attached them to the wreath, and added some rickrack for the laces

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