September 4, 2011

Wooden Name Signs

Been busy this last week
using my jigsaw!!! 
All Signs are about 13"x36"
 These are wooden name signs
made from MDF
and a lot of sweat!
and Madilynn
I'm happy those are checked off my list!
they took a while, but to be honest,
I learned a lot while doing them,
and that is worth all the time they took.
Prices of Signs start at $65
Shipping will be $12.50 each 
UPDATE: (6/18/14)
New Sign made
Size- 14"x32"

September 2, 2011

Texas A&M Minky Blanket

Aunt Coco's sister,
Stephanie and her husband Jeff,
 welcomed a new baby boy this past month,
I had been meaning to make them a Texas AandM Minky Blanket for some time now,
but finally got to it this last week. 
I was so impressed with myself when I made Josie's replacement
I had to duplicate my awesome Minky making skills for baby Bennett 
I wish I could make this when Ike was a baby
it seriously looks like something he would have loved
(ok, maybe me more than him!) 
I had another order for the Earring Holder,
I am always astonished when someone orders one 
Astonished because, I came up with the idea, and design on my own
(not that it hasn't been done before,
 but that I didn't look at someone else's and say, "hey I can make that!")
And that makes it truly a AuntTeague Original