November 3, 2010

Halloween and Texas A&M Subway Sign

My kiddos love Halloween, like they talk about it all year round,
so when Sunday finally came, they were very excited!
We bought a spooky cat to put in the yard
They helped dad with the pumpkin right before Trick-or-Treating 
And finally put on their handmade costumes.
Jo is Minnie Mouse
Isaac is a Robot 
They were very timid at the beginning of the night 
But as you can tell, by the end of the night, they were working for that candy 
Here is the Texas A&M Subway sign I made for my dad's 40th class reunion silent auction
He said it got 150 dollars
I also made a Texas A&M Tie onesie and Future Aggie Burper
Each went for 35 dollars


  1. What beautiful children! I love your subway art. What technique did you use?

  2. I love the Aggie subway sign and would love to purchase one as a gift! Please email me at if that's possible?!

  3. Do you sell the subway signs? I am graduating in May and would love to have one.


  4. I would also love to buy the Aggie subway sign. My email is


  5. I would love to purchase 2 Aggie subway signs. my email is

  6. Do you sell the Aggies subway signs? Would love to have one!

  7. if you sell the subway signs, i'd be interested in pricing info on an Aggie one.

  8. AnonymousMay 21, 2012

    Are you currently selling the Aggie subway sign? Would love to order one for my daughter!

  9. I would also love to buy one!

  10. I NEED one of those Aggie subway signs for my husband for Christmas!! he is the biggest aggie I have ever met! where can we get one! please email me; or you can text me (Im desperate!) 210-912-8295. PLEASE!! thank you!!!


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