March 30, 2012

Texas A&M Subway Signs

Texas A&M Subway Signs

Rodeo Time!

We recently had the opportunity to go to the Austin Rodeo.  
My first time even though I've lived in Austin practically all my life.  
Glen's boss was so nice to give us his tickets for the evening
 Kids loved the rides!
(though they cost an arm and a leg)
 I couldn't do this one!
I can't do circles! 
It would not be fun for me afterward, so Glen was a good sport!
 Ike loved all the events, 
though I think he liked the bull riding the most
After the rodeo, we watched Gavin Degraw
it was fun to take the kiddos to their first concert!

March 18, 2012

Faux Ruffled Chest Onesie With Headband

So, I've decided that these shirts look like a chest of bird...
See it?
these were for the same set of twins from the previous post
I made the headbands,
 cuz I felt like they were a little plain without them

ADORABLE! if I don't say so myself

Spring Onesie Appliqued Onesie and Burper Set

These were made for a set of twins
Notice how I'm easing myself into multiple fabric appliques!
I'm quite proud!

Wondering if I should put these on ETSY

March 5, 2012

DJ Baby onesie

I totally dropped the ball this last month, and forgot a order Ashely made for a coworker,
  I felt soooo bad,
but here is the result!
Monogrammed onesie and burper
 (love the ribbon!)
And because daddy DJs,
 a onesie with a baby rocking the house!