March 16, 2011

Spring Break

My beloved cousins from El Lago came to see me ealier this week,
Lili spent the night a couple of nights with us,
and she loves to craft when she comes,
She helped me find a great place to get cabinet doors,
so naturally,
we made her, her very own
Here it is!
I don't know if you can see,
but the knobs are clear roses!
PERFECT for her middle name!
Sunday night Josie got sick,
and was sick until Wenesday
so she was not the greatest camper on our nature walk at
Zilker's Botanical Garden
Jules and Lili trying to get her to smile
Observe how Isaac can care less! 
This Climbing Jasmine reminds me of my MIL house
So beautiful! 
And finally here is a picture of Ike last week
before career day
cute little chef!

Oh, remember this?
I got an order for two!
Can't wait to show you!

March 10, 2011

Ike's Chef Outfit and My First Dress

My Sewing Machine Turns One This Month!
I really can't imagine my life without it!
(I really think I'm insane,
 I'm talking about it like it was my child!)
I'm excited to have an excuse to use it
Isaac's Career Fair is this Friday,
He chose to be a Chef (on TV, he says)
So He has to dress like one for the Fair
I found this hat tutorial and found some previously bought fabric
I bought a plain white collared button down shirt
cut the collar and resewed the bottom to be straight
and I of course gave my boy a 5 star rating
Pretty Cool Huh?
I was so excited, I decided to make Jojo a dress
Now this is my first attempt,
No pattern, No instructions
It fits,
 its just a little tight on her,
but its cute,
and it is a learning experience
So thats what I've been up to

March 2, 2011

My First Wooden Letters!

A very good friend from my past resurfaced a couple of weeks ago.
Said she was Preggers
and wanted to know if I would make her some of my letters to go in her daughter's room.
Normally I buy the letters from HL,
but since I got my JIGSAW,
I wanted to make them
What do you think?
They are in the Curlz Font
(by the way, if you can't tell, I'm super proud of myself) 
Her colors are the same as Jo's room
Black, White, Pink!
(The BEST colors, in my opinion) 
She is doing the way Mod Theme now of the
Damask Print 
(Might be better to see on this wall)
The ribbon was kinda hard to figure out, 
And here are the knobs that I painted for the ribbon to hang from
I hope she loves them as much as I do!
I had a ton of fun making them and
Hope to make MANY MORE!