June 18, 2014

Wreaths, Wreaths, Wreaths!!!

I've been busy making wreaths this spring.

I tried my skills out making bubble wreaths:
 The first is one for me,
(I think it will be better suited for the fall)
And the P wreath is for a friend that just moved into her new home
I love the moss on the letter!

 And Deco Mesh Wreaths:
I've made quite a few of the Baseball Wreaths, 
 I've gotten quite good at these, 
the picture here is of the first ones I've made so I've made a few adjustments, 
and I think they are starting to look like the ones people charge $95-$120 

Circle Monogram Sweatshirts

I made these for Christmas gifts for my in laws this last year
I think they look spiffy, don't you?
and of course I made a matching outfit for my niece, Kylie

Painted Flat Marble Letters

So I finally hosted a Cocktails and Craft night at the house.
My friend Kim and I LOVE some of the Large Letters with Stones on them that we have been seeing on Pinterest and at Craft Shows, 
so I did a little snooping around  
(because there is no tutorial) 
and figured out how we were going to make them
Here is what we came up with

Some Ladies opted for Picture frames: