February 24, 2012

Baseball personalized pillow

 This is Jeremy's Birthday Present:
Jeremy is the son of one of my fellow Housewives of Hutto
 He is WAY into Baseball, as you can tell
The entire pillow is HAND STITCHED
and made from felt

Faux Ruffled Onesie

 So I'm really unsure what to call this design,
it kinda reminds me of fish scales?, 
but that doesn't really sound nice,
so we will call it a Faux Ruffle design
Doesn't it look cute?
It was made for Miss Kinley,
she turns 1 on Saturday

February 19, 2012

Texas A&M Subway Sign

Just finished a new subway sign, 
and I have to say, 
I'm in love with it, 
I used a new technique that I've been dying to use since I got my machine
check it out!
 Doesn't it look AWESOME!!!!
Its 12" by 24", a perfect size

February 3, 2012

Tutu Dance Bag - Zebra and Hot Pink

Josie started dance this fall, and I was pretty excited about it,
however I was not happy with her taking my original Vera Bradley bag as her Dance Bag
I've been seeing these tutu bags on Pintrest and Etsy, and decided to make her one
 I absolutely love it!
 It really wasn't as hard to make it as I thought
Here she is ready to go to dance
she loves it,
totally her colors!
Let me know if you want one,
I'm going to post it on my ETSY shop