November 29, 2010

Kid Divided Freezer Paper Shirts and Twins

A Couple weekends ago was the A&M Vs. Nebraska Football Game
Now this time of the year gets a little completive around our house
(between Me (Aggie) and Glen (Cornhusker))
especally when it comes to dressing our children for the game
This year I decided to make shirts
They are Kid Divided shirts!
I know you have seen the House Divided stickers on cars for A&M and TU 
I especally like the back
Ike and Jo's are the same except Jo's has cordinating bows on the sleeves 
And please forgive me, I have to brag about the cutest babies around,
Here is Porter P!
He is wearing his Cuero Gobblers shirt 
I forced a hat on his head 
For some reason I don't have any pictures of Eli by himeself
I think it is because I am so excited to spend time with them that I don't want to be behind a camera
Josie and I have been driving back and forth all over Texas the see them
They are soooo cute, and quite a pair, I love being an Aunt... AuntTeague

November 15, 2010

Long Overdue Changes!

So here is the last picture of me with long hair.
I've decided to cut if off for many reasons...
Mostly just to get it off my head!!!
I cut it off to send to Locks Of Love

End to end, it is 14 1/2 inches

The ponytail is so thick, I could almost use it as a paintbrush 
So where you ask is my new hairdo?
well you are going to have to see it!

I love it!
Saturday night Jo fell asleep in her travel chair...
so silly

November 3, 2010

Halloween and Texas A&M Subway Sign

My kiddos love Halloween, like they talk about it all year round,
so when Sunday finally came, they were very excited!
We bought a spooky cat to put in the yard
They helped dad with the pumpkin right before Trick-or-Treating 
And finally put on their handmade costumes.
Jo is Minnie Mouse
Isaac is a Robot 
They were very timid at the beginning of the night 
But as you can tell, by the end of the night, they were working for that candy 
Here is the Texas A&M Subway sign I made for my dad's 40th class reunion silent auction
He said it got 150 dollars
I also made a Texas A&M Tie onesie and Future Aggie Burper
Each went for 35 dollars