October 23, 2010

Ike's Monkey Costume

Isaac's Nursery Rhyme Play is coming up.
He is going to be a Monkey,
Because no Monkey costumes exist in his size
I made him one
 I could not find brown sweats or thermal underwear,
I had the idea to dye them!
My first time, I was so nervous
I think they came out great!
 I made the tail out of some brown ribbon, batting, and a wire
Then sewed it onto a ribbon belt that I fixed to the pants with buttons
(this was my first time to use anything having to do with buttons on my new sewing machine, I was stoked!)
 I fixed a button to the shirt,
and made a headband with ears (made of felt)
 I think it came out great for a beginner's costume
 He seems happy... for now
Made this Door Dangler for a neighbor's new baby,
I hope she likes it,

October 18, 2010

Onesie/Burper Sets

Ashely has been keeping me busy,
and putting my creative skills to the test.
She has, what seems like, a ton of preggo friends,
and she ordered her gifts thru me,
which, of course, I jumped at the chance to use my sewing machine
Here are the gifts!

Close ups are under the tabs on the top lefthand side.
See Ya!

October 13, 2010

Acorn Wreath

This weekend my munchkins and I went over to my mom and dad's for some much needed bonding time.  My dad put the kiddos to work in the garden,
 well sort of,
 their job was to pick up as many acorns as they can,
 (to keep the squirrels from planting them in my dad's garden)
So, what to do with all those acorns?
Errr, the only thing I came up with was to make a wreath
Wreaths forms are kinda pricey, so I bought a Styrofoam one, and...
Sliced it in two,
(hey, I know I"m cheap)
I had some scrap muslin,
and I covered the form.
With that done, I started popping the tops off all the acorns!
(it took a while)
I put a little dab of hot glue to the top, and placed it on the wreath
(pretty easy, though it took a little bit of time)
Finally done!
I found some old ribbon, and hot glued it to the back
Looks nice huh?
Its going to my mother...
cuz I love her....very much
Don't you think a square one would be great?
I wonder if I can find a form for that..maybe a frame.

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October 1, 2010

Freezer Paper Shirts and Subway Signs

This week has been a little busy with another order for baby things, but I did manage to make my dad and Ike shirts for for their favorite show.
This was my first time using the Freezer Paper Stenciling technique.
  I am so excited with the results!
What do you think? Pretty cool huh?
Want to know how I did it? Click here! Great Tutorial!
Cheri is Greatest!
 We spent Saturday night with my Mom and Dad (Glen was fishing),
 They are my Billy and Bobby the Exterminators!
 Ike wore his to school today and told Mrs. YBarra he was Billy the Exterminator, I wonder if she knew what he was talking about.
 And there they are in Dad's Toy (Alpha Romeo, he had one before we were born, and had to get rid of it, because of no back seat) They went on a Bagel Run. Said that when they got their, people were saying that they better leave because the Exterminators where there!
 Fun Stuff!!!

And Now To Another Exciting Topic!
My Brother in Law's GF (The Future Mrs. Teague)
was so impressed with my Subway sign, she made her own!
And Here it is!
For some reason, I can't get it to stand straight up!
But doesn't it look GREAT!!!
I love that she put it on that Teal Wall!

And here is a pic of my Bro-In-Law helping her!

My mom has asked me to make her one too,
Off the Antique (AuntTeague) Festival in RoundTop TX. this weekend!
Can't wait to see what kind of ideas and goodies I come home with!

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