January 31, 2012

Adorable Little Girl Onesies

 Girl Aggie Onesie with ruffles on the butt in maroon and black
 Diamonds are a girl's best friend Onesie in black, with hot pink and silver embroidery
 Pink Necklace Onesie with Blue Yoyo flower
 Onesie with ribbon and burper to match
 Gift for baby girl Makaylah:
 Scroll Onesie, with Name Embroidered on an applique

Felt Valentine Wreath

By now, I believe I have a full blown oppsession with felt.
Check out what I made last week in honor of upcoming Valentine's Day 
(my favorite holiday (bc of the colors!))

 It was really easy, but took just a little bit of time
I finished it in about 5 hours
Here is the link to where I found the tutorial:

 It looks great on my front door!
(can't say much about the surronding foliage!)
Here is a shot of the kiddos with it!
they think it is awesome!


January 12, 2012

Kid's Pillow Case Mattress Tutoiral

Thanks to Pintrest Ashley and I had the idea of making Pillow Case Mattresses for the little bugs for Christmas,,, 
well Christmas came and went, 
and the fabric and pre-bought pillows sat in my garage 
(upsetting my hubby, cuz that is his "room")
Till I finally got up the inspiration to finish my project
So here they are and how I did them,
You can most definately do them differently,
this is the way we figured to make them
This is my tutorial for how I made kid sized pillow mattresses:
(it is not an exact kinda tutorial, meaning, its okay if your lines aren't straight or things aren't exact)
  • You will need:
  • 4 yards of pre-washed flannel fabric of your choice
  • ribbon to match
  • thread
  • Iron on Velcro
  • 4 Pillows
(Please forgive the pictures as they were taken with my phone,
and can't (for reasons unknown to me),
be flipped)

Here is a picture of the 4 yards of flannel with three inches cut off one long side
 And here is my TimeSaver!
It is a 3 inch wide strip of cardboard that I used to measure everything with!
You can use a box top from a gift box, a cereal box, anything easy to cut and remains stiff
 So I took my 4 yards of Flannel and folded it in half
with the pretty sides inside
I then sewed up one long side, and short side
(the other short side is the fold)
 Once you have sewed the 2 sides together
you are going to make a really long cuff
using the three inch "timesaver"
use pins!
(the pretty side is facing out on the cuff)
 This is photo of sewing the cuff
(I know it is an awful picture)
I placed my needle on the right setting,
but it really doesn't matter where it is
Once your very long cuff is sewn, 
you are going to do it once more, 
yeah thats right,
fold to make another long cuff using your "time saver" and pins
(you are basically making a hem)
Sew it just like before
 You can now turn the fabric to where the pretty sides are facing out towards you
 Now you are going to sew the 3 lines dividing the pillow compartments
First, fold the "case" in half
you can use a fabric marker to mark the line, or
what I did, was iron the fold and follow the fold line as I sewed
(it didn't come out perfect, but you can't tell with the pillows in it)
sew all the way to the end
 Once the middle line was sewn,
I then layed the case out again and folded the end up to the now sewn middle  line
ironed that to make a crease visible
and then sewed
Repeat on the other side of the middle sewn line for the last pillow compartment
 Now this is a picture of the ribbon that will be used to rap the pillow together
I eyed it to about 3/4 the length of the total case
 To attache the ribbon, 
I folded the case in half (lengthwise)
and ripped the seam open in the top of the case just long enough to fit the ribbon
( moved my ribbon over almost an inch, to make the ribbon fit more around the middle of the pillows when folded up)

 I shoved the ribbon through about half an inch
 I turned the first pillow compartment inside out,
and then sewed over the ribbon a few times 
making sure to close up my opening as well
 Here is the type of pillow I bought from Ikea
each pillow was .99 cents!
 Shove your pillows in their compartments!
Almost done!
 Now for the Velcro
I used iron on,
cause I can't figure out how to sew it on anything
 I folded my PillowMattress in on itself
 ran the attached ribbon around the middle, 
pulled it taunt
(pull it tight enough so that there can be a looped handle on the end after the Velcro is attached)
 I peeled off the backing off the velcro 
and placed it on the ribbon that will be the bottom
where both sides can meet easily
(remember to leave room for a handle for the top ribbon)
 then place the ribbon coming around the mattress on top of the Velcro, so the opposite side can stick to it
peel the two side apart carfully
Then iron the Velcro in place
follow the manufacturer's instructions on how long to iron,
(I used a scrap piece of fabric between the iron and ribbon, to keep the ribbon from melting)
 I then looped the left over ribbon around and sewed a straight line to make the loop
 this might be a better picture
 see? the loop makes is easier to run around the mattress while pulling it

 Here are my kiddos on theirs,
plenty of room to spare for growing babies!
I hope you enjoy, and mostly I hope you understood  my tutorial. Let me know if you have a question