May 11, 2010

Alterations to our home

So, yall know that Glen and I never sit still at our house, we have so many ideas (just not so much money to do it with) HOWEVER, we love making changes to to house, so here are a few we accomplished last month:
New Front Door:
(the other looked like an apartment door with NO PEEPHOLE!!, I could never tell who was at the door, very dangerous, I can't believe the builder put that in!!)
Anywho.... the door now it painted black and has the proper hardware. It really makes the entrance now,,, very bright!!! Painted the Masterbedroom:
I have been wanting to paint for a while, and couldn't decide what color, and then I thought, why just one!!!!!!
So here is the main color that all but one wall is:

Glen was a little nervous when he came home and 3 squares were painted, but after I finished he totally loved it!!!! I am really happy with it!
Josie's Glamor Chandaler: I was in love with this on ETSY and had to get it for my Parisan Princess. It was a little bit of work to get to stick on her wall but worth it in the end.

(I made her headboard, and those two pillows on the bed,I will get better pictures later)

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