September 2, 2010

Memory Board from Screen Door

I haven't been crafting lately, but I thought I would post one of my first ever projects.
  I made this Memory Board in 2004. 
Can you tell I made it from a Screen Door?
It is supposed to say, in french, "Share you life with me," but IDK if it really does.
I originally hung it my bedroom, but now since Josie's room has a Parisian theme in a black, white, and hot pink, it fits perfect.
I fount these two glass doorknobs, and had Glen attach them, to hold purses and such
It hangs by its original hardware, which I cover with the feather boa.

I don't know what comes over me in the fall, but I start this 3 month obsession with cooking. I don't really like cooking throughout the rest of the year, just from Sept, till Nov.
So, I think that I might post some of my favorite recipes.
Just something about the fall makes me feel like decorating, and cooking.

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