September 3, 2010

Just cuz I was Bored

What are these? you ask......
Can you see it now?

Here is a big Hint on my lovely model
These are supposed to be baby leg/arm warmers (the jo is just modeling them for me)
So, the stripe ones came out a lot better than the argyle ones.  I don't know what it is, as soon as I compelte something, and am so excited about it I have to do it again, except the second time, it always looks like poop.
(Jo had to get a full shot)
Anyways, these are going to
(Courtney and Evan I could not wait to brag)
 my twin nephews,
 (Eli and Porter).
I hope they fit, or look halfway normal, or useful in any way
If not, Jo enjoys them, and has asked me to make her some in,
 what else,

Now, I need to find more SOCKS,,,,

I have a really cool project on the mind, Can't wait to get to,
In the meantime,
Happy Labor Day Weekend

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