September 17, 2010

The Bad, The Good and, The Downright Ugly

The Bad:
A few weeks back, I was Blog Surfing and came across a cute tutorial on these cute busts of Halloween characters.  I memorized the process, and forgot to save the owner's tutorial to share.  But it has to be said, I quite physically copied this wonderfully talented person's idea (busts and all, I found them at Dollar Tree)
If you would like to know how to do them, all I did was painted them white with spray paint and then watered down some brown acrylic paint, brushed it over, then wiped it off. TAAADDAA Done!
Easy Smeasy
I had to try it out on a Styrofoam pumpkin

The Good:
NOW on to more relevant things, (cuz Halloween is like ages off)
My sweet, sweet mother showed pity on my and took me plant shopping
I"m so excited that I have living plants again
(I promise to take better care of them)
That wolfman is soooo scary, huh?
This is proof that some of my plants made it through the summer,
(mainly because I didn't have to water them)

The Ugly:
And now to the vain of my existence.
this went up today in sight of my backyard,
They are currently putting up one on the other side of my house too.
TALYOR TEXAS, you needed to build your own Surge Station!
I really dislike you!

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