February 18, 2011

Presenting DJ IT!!! And Bandwagon Decorating

My Nephew's Birthday is today!
This is the T-shirt I Freezer Papered for him!
His Parents call him DJ IT,
 because he has loved music since he was a whee little baby
now he is 4
a big boy
 Also this week,
I jumped on the decorating bandwagon
and stripped my hallway
(I'm sensing a theme in my house)
Here it is before:
I also needed to paint
because of the nasty walls
 that have been created by my lovely children
As shown here:
I think it makes the tiny hallway look longer
and gives it a little pizazz
Now everything looks brand new!
And Fresh
and I LOVE IT!
Yesterday my mom came over,
the kiddos got her on the tramp!
I couldn't believe it!
I had to get a pic! 
This is from V-Day
We ate Hamburgers outside on the picnic table
and my little munchkins set the table! 
We had a nice time in the warm weather 
Here is Daddy with his princess 
no pics of me came out well!
Nowadays when I take pictures they look more like this:
Later Gators!!


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  1. The hallway looks great & I LOVE the TEE you made!


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