August 20, 2011

August Fun Time

August is a fun month for me,
 mainly because of my birthday,
but it also contains my and Glen's anniversary,
this year was our 5th year to be married 
This year we took Ike and Jo with us to celebrate at Nolan Ryan's HomeField Grill
The next weekend we went camping,
It was HOT!
But we went to Canyon Lake so we could cool off in the water
Our nephews came with Meme and Pawpaw in Winnie
For my gift to Glen for our anniversary,
I made him a wooden "Huskers" sign for his office
I received a SilhoueteSD for my birthday,
so I thought it only right that he got the first use out of it
I cut FreezerPaper with it to make him a shirt
I think it came out great
School starts on Monday,
so we went shoe shopping
Ike insisted on TOMS,
 so Jo wanted some too.

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  1. So Todd wants a master craft x5 shirt and a gushers sign. (it looks awesome!!!) sooo let me know if that's possible. And we love jojos sunglasses in the first pict! Such a stylish gal. Love u!


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