October 25, 2011

My First Sami Show

I made a great friend while Ike was in Kindergarten
Her name is Ashley
We have a lot of similar interests,
granted she is better at a lot of the interests than I am,
 but we share, and teach each other
Ashley signed up to do the Sami Show at the Dell Diamond for this past weekend
and she invited me to join her
Here we are in front of our booth
And here is our booth! 
 Ashley made really cute ToothFairy Pillows, Ghost Lollipop Covers, Felt Barrettes, Felt Bow Holders, Monster Coin Holders, Applique Shirts and Portable Lovey/Taggie Blankets
She did well,
I did.... ok,
I would have loved to have done better,
but I cleared my cost of the show,
so I'm happy to at least have paid for that
 This is my sign,
that I made out of,what else???,
 a cabinet door! 
 I think it came out really nice
 These are what I sold,
Felt Flower Dahlia $16 (really large)
 Small Felt Flowers $10
They were all backed with Snap holders
 Ribbon Flowers $5
Backed with Snap Holders
Wooden Letter HairBow Hangers $20 
I made the 18 Letters in different Themes and Colors 
 I had 9 letters of a "Skinny" Font and 9 of a "Fat" Font
I sold none of my stock, but had 4 orders for Customized Letters
so if you see one you want, let me know I'll ship it today! 
Each ribbon had a matching jewel at the end to weigh the ribbon down

We have decided to do the November Show (19-20),
 we will be in the same booth space! 
So come and see us if you live around Round Rock area

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