January 20, 2011

Flower Bow

I am told that I am crafty,
and I know that there is a lot that I can do,
but I have a fear for some reason,
a fear of making bows,
(And that is the only reason that Jo doesn't wear one every day,
cuz if I didn't have this fear, she would have boxes filled)
I have a couple of girlfriends that make bows and I am so envious,
but maybe today they will be just a little jealous of what I made
Cute, huh? 
So, after today, I have decided that I will give a couple more designs a try
but I will take it slow 
This is my new favorite blogsite:
Here is the tutorial for this particualr bow:
Jo said she would wear it "maybe morrow"
so I snatched it back, and but it on my headband
Hey, I like pink too!
(she is pissed)
Sorry such a poor picture, but I made this last week
I didn't follow the direction to a T, so it doesn't look perfect,
but nonetheless, I spent NADA ENCHILADA on it!
Here is the tutroial:

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