November 29, 2010

Kid Divided Freezer Paper Shirts and Twins

A Couple weekends ago was the A&M Vs. Nebraska Football Game
Now this time of the year gets a little completive around our house
(between Me (Aggie) and Glen (Cornhusker))
especally when it comes to dressing our children for the game
This year I decided to make shirts
They are Kid Divided shirts!
I know you have seen the House Divided stickers on cars for A&M and TU 
I especally like the back
Ike and Jo's are the same except Jo's has cordinating bows on the sleeves 
And please forgive me, I have to brag about the cutest babies around,
Here is Porter P!
He is wearing his Cuero Gobblers shirt 
I forced a hat on his head 
For some reason I don't have any pictures of Eli by himeself
I think it is because I am so excited to spend time with them that I don't want to be behind a camera
Josie and I have been driving back and forth all over Texas the see them
They are soooo cute, and quite a pair, I love being an Aunt... AuntTeague

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