October 23, 2010

Ike's Monkey Costume

Isaac's Nursery Rhyme Play is coming up.
He is going to be a Monkey,
Because no Monkey costumes exist in his size
I made him one
 I could not find brown sweats or thermal underwear,
I had the idea to dye them!
My first time, I was so nervous
I think they came out great!
 I made the tail out of some brown ribbon, batting, and a wire
Then sewed it onto a ribbon belt that I fixed to the pants with buttons
(this was my first time to use anything having to do with buttons on my new sewing machine, I was stoked!)
 I fixed a button to the shirt,
and made a headband with ears (made of felt)
 I think it came out great for a beginner's costume
 He seems happy... for now
Made this Door Dangler for a neighbor's new baby,
I hope she likes it,

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  1. Just what I need to do for my son too - thanks for the idea!


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