April 26, 2012

Aira's Wooden Letter Name

I had a really weird thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago
I was listening to the radio, 
and the DJs were discussing the most popular names of 2012 or 2011
and they were discussing the how the name Aira was on the list.
Apparently, its the name of a character in a popular show I don't watch,
but I thought the name was interesting,
Later that day, 
I had an email question wanting to know if I would make a wooden name for her expected daughter, 
and the name..... AIRA
Coincidence? I think NOT
 The mother wanted something simple, 
with flowers pasted on the letters
 I love how they came out!
And I especially love the ribbon
it was a real find, being all the colors I used on the letters

Birth Announcement Painting

This cute little canvas is a birth announcement to hang in a little one's room
I made a goof up on it,
 can you find it?
(I'm taking this with me this weekend to the Georgetown Poppy Festival)
I don't know any Addisons, 
I just made this announcement up

Subway Art For Sale

Here are my mock up Subway art paintings that I'm taking with me this weekend
I'm going to put them up for sale on Sunday, 
but Saturday they are to inspire people to buy a custom one from me
 This one has everything to do with Austin
 This is one having everything to do with Texas A&M, 
I made sure that every word on there is not word mark trademarked,
cuz I want to sell it
And this one, 
I can't sell, but it is to inspire a gift for maybe a newly married couple
(Glen and I didn't have a fabulous wedding at the beach in Cozumel, but I just tried to imagine what my wedding would have been if I would have been blessed enough to have one.)

Birth Announcement Pillows

Taking this with me this weekend as mock ups
They are Birth Announcement Pillows
 They are just supposed to be decorative, 
maybe something to place on a shelve, 
or in a rocking chair
The kids love them,
 and can't wait till after show, 
to place them in their rooms 
(like they need anything else in those stuffed rooms!)

A Boy's Boy order

This is another order for Miss Ashley.
She told me that the father is the ultimate hunter.
And with a name like Colt, 
I can tell he is going to follow in his dad's footsteps
 I loved this ribbon, form a previous order,
and appliqued the onesie
"This Runt Was Born To Hunt"
Knowing absolutely nothing about hunting,
 except that I see this symbol on the back of hunter's vehicles,
I attached the dear
I think its pretty cute

Dirty Dancing Onesie

So, I love this onesie!
Who doesn't love Dirty Dancing?!
 I goofed up on the last E, but I'll fix that today
Hoping to sell it at show this weekend
if not, I have an In-Law who has called dibbs

Felt Hand Mazes

These were a bit of an experiment
I mean for these to be for toddlers, 
or small kiddos
They are Mazes, 
there is a small bead inside, 
and you are supposed to push the bead around with your fingers
 I made a heart, and a fish
They have a little thing to attach to a key chain, 
or ... IDK!
I just thought the idea was cute, 
and was hoping to sell a few at the show this weekend

April 21, 2012

Ballerina Girl Shirt

Josie has her first birthday party just for her this morning!
It's for a cute little girl from her dance class
So in keeping with my new obsession,
I appliqued a cute little ballerina onto a shirt for Sophia
 I bought a cute little tutu skirt to match the theme,
 but now I think I should have bought the hot pink one
Oh well, it came out cute enough!

Princess Onesies

This week I tried something new,
Appliques with multiple fabrics,
(I've always shied away from these because I thought they looked like a lot of work, 
but in reality they are quite fun)
And like any new thing that I like to do,
I become obsessed with it!
 I bought these princess designs about a month ago, 
and I'm glad I've finally used them!
 Belle: Tale As Old As Time
 Ariel: Go on and Kiss the Girl
 Cinderella: A dream is a wish your heart makes
 Snow White: Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
 Rupunzel: Rupunzel, Rupunzel, let down your hair
 And Finally, Aurora: I walked with you once upon a dream
I'm taking them with me to show next weekend,
The Georgetown Poppy Festival
Hopefully I will sell all of them!
Ashley and I are pairing them with some cute tutu bags made to match