April 26, 2012

Aira's Wooden Letter Name

I had a really weird thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago
I was listening to the radio, 
and the DJs were discussing the most popular names of 2012 or 2011
and they were discussing the how the name Aira was on the list.
Apparently, its the name of a character in a popular show I don't watch,
but I thought the name was interesting,
Later that day, 
I had an email question wanting to know if I would make a wooden name for her expected daughter, 
and the name..... AIRA
Coincidence? I think NOT
 The mother wanted something simple, 
with flowers pasted on the letters
 I love how they came out!
And I especially love the ribbon
it was a real find, being all the colors I used on the letters

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  1. Woah lady! You've been busy :) cute stuff! hope it all sells and you get orders galore!


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