May 6, 2011

Second time around

So I was super excited to get my first order of the Earring Holder I had made about a month ago,
I am really a novice when it comes to shipping,
 and thought a little bubble mailer, and foam would be enough for it to hold together,
So this was the first one I sent,
 I didn't make any money off it, because I had to buy the bubble mailers and foam,
which ended up being more than the cost of the Holder,
 plus I had to mail the darn thing. 
So the second one came out completely different,
 I like it more,
 but I went further in the hole and bought bubble wrap,
 and paid for Priority Mail,
 I haven't heard from them, but I hope they like it,,,,
maybe more than the one sent before, cross your fingers 
Here are the rest of my orders for the last few weeks:
How adorable is this burper? 

This order was for Ashely 
Notice something different with the Tie?
I rounded the top,
I totally like it more 
and how cute is the bobcat at the bottom of the tie?! 
This was my second time doing the TKE,
but this time I rounded the corners,
 with looks so much better 
My dear sweet mother bought me the last hoop that I need to complete my Hoop Set for my embroidery machine,
(The Small One, for Hats)
  So I could Embroider my Nephew's summer hats before they leave on their trip to Italy
Here is Porter's 
and Eli's 
And Finally,
My first Minky Blanket!!!!! 
Jo finally lost her most cherished baby blankey,
she wasn't half as upset as I was! 
Every time we went to the Fabric Store,
 she would ask for her me to make her a new one,
 so I broke down,
and spent the insane amount on the Minky fabric 
It was a rewarding project for me,
 she doesn't quite love it was much as "blankey"
(I have to say that I still miss "blankey" myself)
 but give it some time,
 I"m sure she will appreciate it

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  1. That tie onesie is adorable!! Visiting from Tatertots and Jello.

    - Jenn @ Social Salutations


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