April 12, 2011

Cheers and Tears

Another couple of weeks have gone by,
Still busy,
Busy in a good way.
Here are my orders:
Zebra and Red G Bow Hanger 
I am very happy with it 
Here is the marble at the bottom 
I'm super excited about this Earring Holder 
It's for a Tween, how perfect, huh?! 
Couldn't be happier with it 
Then comes the tears,
My friend wanted me to monogram hats for her son's baseball team
since my last project with my sewing machine, I've been a little hesitant to use it again 
So I thought I would freezer paper stencil them
The Stencil bleed, and in some places wouldn't come off 
(the material wasn't ideal for freezer stenciling)
So after a couple meltdowns, I fixed what I could,
they came out OK, but I"ll never do that again
I think I would have had better luck with my machine
Oh well, live and you learn.
Dari says the parents love them

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