June 19, 2010

It's Birthday Time in the Teague Household

Josie and Isaac's birthdays are 9 days apart (Jos-June12, Ikes-June20)
Isaac is turning 5 this year ( I cryed all last night, I can't believe he is so big)
Josie just turned 3
So we had our friends over (minus Logan, because he is moving :( ) for a little birthday playdate. Isaac requested a dragon cake (I made it for his 3rd birthday also). This time he requested red, however, I put as much red food coloring in the frosting as I had, but it kinda is a coral color.
Isaac and Josie helped with the fruit-ka-bobs. They were yummy! Last year I gave the Door Danglers as Party Favors. This year, I made hooded towels for the munchkins. They were really easy!
And here is a picture of the "party"
Hurray for blowup pools, and slip-n-slides!!!!

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