April 24, 2013

Easter Photos

Here is an updated picture of the family....
We are 4 1/2 until May 7th
And Ike has lost 2 more teeth since Easter,
but none the less,
 its a lot more updated than the last one I have
 We are sitting in the one patch of bluebonnets on Glen's mom's property
 Here is Miss Kylie
and here she is again with her beautiful mommy.
I'm loving my new camera!
I know I'm not that great at taking pictures,
 but they are worlds different than the photos with my old Sony

Pink and Grey Minky Blanket

I made this for Julie's new baby girl:
 Her nursery is themed with the ultra hip Grey and Pink colors
Alivia actually came last night,
so I guess I should get this to her soon!

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

This is what I made for Ashley's Birthday:
It is a fabric covered bulletin board!
I made it for her office
Isn't it so much better than a plain brown cork board staring back at you?
I don't know if you can tell,
 but I added a row of thumbtacks around the border to make it a little more fancy!
Happy Birthday Ash!
I hope this helps in organizing your empire!

April 19, 2013

Baby Bathing Apron

Sorry, its been a long while!
I've had a job these last 8 months,
and have forgotten to post the few crafts I have made.

This is a Baby Bathing Apron
It was made with the intent of wearing it while scooping up the baby out of the tub or sink so that you don't get your clothes wet,
 I made it for my friend Samantha, who had her baby in March.
 And here she is at her shower!
I hope she can get some use out of it.